Gottwood Festival

Gottwood has risen to become one of the UK's most talked about festivals and for good reason. Situated on the far western shore of Anglesey, this 7,000 capacity festival has grown to become one of the most acclaimed electronic festivals the UK. We deliver full bar management onsite across ten bars.



We have delivered full onsite bar management for the Gottwood team for 5 years now, delivering our services in a logistically challenging environment. Part of the shows charm is its diverse onsite offering and the ten bars are no different. Each is curated with a varied drinks programme which fits in perfectly with the festivals ethos.


Our teams spend 12 days onsite and month's in the pre-project phase planning, before onsite bar production begins. Due to some of the difficulties onsite with the terrain and bar locations we spend much of the planning phases developing new methods to tailor our onsite management to suit the needs of the weather, site and attendees.


Entering year six of our partnership with Gottwood and we have overseen the growth of bar revenues that have tripled in the years we have managed the bars. The results are highly profitable bars that deliver diverse product offerings and experienced onsite management from our teams. We will continue to work hard with the shows organisers to take Gottwood from strength to strength.


“Britain's most scenic festival, on Google images and in the flesh"

The Independent

Posted in portfolio on Mar 21, 2018