## Enviromental Revolution - The End Of Plastic? --- Its 2018 and we have a long overdue revolt against plastic. As a company we have been aware of our enviromental footrpint for some time and we removed plastic straws at the beginning of 2017 from our events. There has been a wave of support, none less than from the members of the Association of Independant Festivals with their [Drastic On Plastic](http:https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/apr/19/independent-british-festivals-commit-to-banning-single-use-plastic-by-2021//) initiative. Their 60 strong membership has vowed to remove all plastic straws, bottles, trays and even cable ties from their sites by 2021. Its a bold statement and one that Bar Nation are completely behind. There is a huge amount more that we could all be doing to support reducing plastic waste: ## 1. Refuse Plastic Straws Staws represent a ridiculous waste and ![Straw-Life-Cycle-410x1024.jpg](

Posted in news on Feb 27, 2018