So who are the enigmatic Bar Nation?

Having operated for 5 years we are the newbies of the sector and offer 360 bar management on behalf of our clients across the UK. As the younger sibling of sister company The Cocktail Service we have been working hard to establish ourselves within the exciting space of retail bars, managing venues, festivals and public events.

Based in sunny Oxford, we deliver our bar management expertise at some of the industries most exciting events and venues. We deliver bars at the likes of Houghton Festival, Farr, Gala and Wilderness to name a few and have carved a niche working with the coolest events in the UK.

We like to see ourselves as a little different and we pour a huge amount of resources into two areas- employee training and innvovation.

We want to become the leading trainer of events staff in the UK. To achive this we are working with a number of partners to deliver a training programme that 100's of casual and permanent event staff will benefit from every year. We strongly believe that if our staff are very well trained then it will not only benefit our clients but also all the attendees at the events we manage. We've all experienced bad service and large scale events and now is the time for it to stop. We are really excited to be working on this project and look forward to delivering it in 2018.

We like to think we are leading innovation in retail bars in this country. We are working on several projects currently to automate our internal systems through a massive software project that has been in development for 18 months. This will revolutionise our productiveity internally leading to better services for our clients and thus the attendees. We are also working on our data and better using this again for our clients but also most importantly for the brands they partner with.

Looking forward to sharing more with you as the year goes on.

Bye x

Posted in news on Feb 08, 2018