Farr Festival

We have worked alongside the team at Farr Festival for four years now, growing seamlessly alongside this highly regarded electronic festival and delivering a bar provision that has increased spend per head year on year. Perched high up in an isolated woodland, Farr Festivals bar provision is a mix of volume, cocktail and brand led bars. Working closely with Farrs commercial partners, our teams deliver a high volume service that is in line with the expectations of drinks brands including Frontier, Buffalo Trace and Southern Comfort.


Farr Festival was one of our first clients and we have loved working with them over the years and helping the festival grow.  Year on year we work with the team to maintain our profitability and further diversify the bars and product offering. The primary challenge with Farr Festival is to continually develop the bars, improve bar by bar GP% and deliver a quality customer experience.


We found 2017 was one of our best years yet, the festival as a whole had really stepped up to a new level and the bars needed to follow suit. The festival had opened up new areas within its iconic woods and we delivered several activation's on behalf of Farrs commercial partners. Our highly trained staff delivered a range of signature serves and cocktails in line with brand expectations.


We hit record profitability targets and controlled costs to ensure a net profit in excess of 50%. We are extremely happy with our delivery at Farr Festival and our ability over the years to maintain strong control over the budget while still improving service, bars aesthetics and drink selection.

“Visually outstanding, there is clearly a meticulous attention to detail from the organisers that you don't often come across, making for a ridiculously Instagram friendly environment.”


Posted in portfolio on Mar 21, 2018