Farm Festival

Farm Festival is all about the people and the bars reflect this ethos. Our teams source locally, working alongside the likes of Wild Beer Co, Westons Cider, Bulbeggar and Cheddar Ales to deliver a cost effective and varied drinks offer. Previously run in house for seven years, bringing in an outside supplier to manage this vital revenue stream was a leap of faith for our partners but we are pleased to say we have delivered beyond their expectations and have forged a very strong relationship to take into the future.


Farm Festival is situated in rural Somerset and is a highly acclaimed festival by both the industry and the press. Bar Nation took on the contract after it was previously run in house for six years and our challenge was clear - we were tasked with delivering profit levels that the festival was used to while maintaining product quality and service.


With balanced mix of national brands and local suppliers, the team delivered a diverse product mix that included Butcombe Brewery, Wild Beer Co, and Westons Cider. We advised on pricing and brought our economies of scale to the table allowing lower pricing then the festival had previously enjoyed. Pre-project planning focused on areas we could trim costs and deliver improved customer experience.


The team delivered an overhaul of infrastructure, opening hours and product mix to deliver strong financial results. With the introduction of Bar Nations own inventory of bar units as well as a dedicated cocktail bar and craft beer bar we delivered sales beyond previous years while improving gross profit margin for our clients. Farm Festival has been a long term partner and with a year off for the festival in 2018 we very much look forward to delivering our services for 2019.

“Now a decade into operation, this year’s Farmfest was the best yet. As any of its regular clientele will tell you, it’s a gem in the boutique festival landscape that, though accelerated by word of mouth praise, retains every charm that made it lovely in the first place.”

Crack Magazine

Posted in portfolio on Mar 21, 2018